A Deep Dive into the Strategies Behind 20,000+ Engagements in 20 days | Shardeum Stars Retrospective

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4 min readDec 5, 2023


At Airlyft, our commitment to the Shardeum ecosystem has been unwavering since day one. We proudly deployed our smart contracts on the Shardeum testnet, solidifying our dedication to the platform’s growth and development. Notably, Shardeum Times, a key influencer within the ecosystem, has played a pivotal role as our staunch supporter.

We met the Shardeum Team during EthIndia 2022, and were excited by the community they were building in India.

As the number of DApps deploying on Shardeum increased, we recognized the crucial need for community building among these projects, just as vital as it was for Shardeum itself. This realization sparked the idea of initiating a grand collaboration — a mega campaign uniting a diverse array of DApps. And so, the concept of ‘Shardeum Stars’ was born, featuring 12 standout projects. The mission of Shardeum Stars was straightforward: to passionately promote the Shardeum ecosystem and ignite the curiosity of as many individuals as possible within the community.

Engaging with these projects, we discovered a shared enthusiasm and commitment to the cause. Within a matter of days, we successfully brought them together in a Telegram group, forming a dynamic community poised for collective growth and success.

This was the first time so many projects were collaborating for a single campaign, led by Ranger from AirLyft.

The campaign statistics exceeded all expectations, reaching unprecedented heights. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

Total Participants: 7,331
Total Clicks: 20,890
Quests Performed: 20,174

Below, you’ll find the results of each individual project’s campaign:

1. Icecream Swap

A one stop DeFi solution which users and founders can utilize on all chains and whichever DeFi utility they are searching for.
They achieved an outstanding outcome with a total of 4,720 on-chain and off-chain actions. The 5 winners were rewarded with a generous share of $10 worth of Bep20 $ICE along with 5 additional winners with $10 worth of $ICE tokens in a random raffle.

2. Dotname Domains

With DotNames, your blockchain identity can care for your universal identity, on-chain reputation and much more.
Users had the opportunity to have a quick overview through all their social actions. The response was remarkable, with a total of 1,,382 participants. Out of these, 20fortunate individuals were selected to share in a prize pool totaling 100 USDT tokens.

3. Desig Wallet

Desig is an Omnichain Multisig for User Simplicity with Secure with MPC-TSS-HE-ZK, Gasless, on-chain ID protection & Insightful reports for Founders & DAO. Their strategy featured a seamless fusion of on-chain quests and referral initiatives. Notably, boasting a remarkable 450 total participations. Among these participants, 10 lucky winners had the opportunity to divide a substantial prize pool comprising 100 $USDT tokens.

4. Shardeum Times

Empowering collaboration and growth since March 2022 at the shardeum ecosystem which boasts the most active community in the blockchain space. Seizing the moment, they encouraged users to following them on twitter along with creating a few amazing memes. This initiative garnered 788 enthusiastic participants, and in recognition of their engagement, 289 winners received NFTs along with 10 $USDT tokens as rewards.

5. WowTalkies

Experience the future of fan engagement with our platform — the first to blend AI and AR features into NFTs. It’s not just a movie; it’s a whole new way for fans to get involved and earn rewards.
They orchestrated a flawless combination across three major social media platforms, install the app & give feedback. The results were impressive, with 578 active participants. From this engaged community, 300 NFTs in rewards & $120 in upcoming In-app activities reward.

6. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a perpetual file storage protocol that allows you to pay once for your files and store them long-term. The aim is to move users from a rent-based cost model where they rent their files on cloud storage to a perpetual storage model.
Users had the chance to get a brief overview of all their social actions. The response was nothing short of spectacular, with a remarkable 508 participants. Out of this engaged community, 10 fortunate winners were awarded 100 $USDT token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions.

7. SmartDeployer

The smartest no-code omnichain platform that helps Web3 projects launch and manage tokens seamlessly.
Their campaign struck a harmonious balance between social quests, on-chain actions and the clever inclusion of a referral task. This approach garnered a total of 178 active participants. Among these engaged individuals, most of the participants where selected for “OG” role for their loyalty.

8. Zezu NFT Marketplace

One of the biggets NFT marketplaces on Shardeum Ecosystem.
Their campaign featured a selection of social tasks designed to provide users with a firsthand experience of the platform, including a hold NFT.

9. Galacticore

The ultimate NFT project on Shardeum Blockchain. Explore our thrilling NFT series and join the “Fun to Play + Play to Earn” gaming revolution today.
The participants had the chance to get a brief overview from all their social actions.

10. ShardStarter

They are a defi engine and launchpad in one platform on Shardeum. They are the first ones to prioritize safety, transparency & convenience.
The users mostly participated in social actions & wallet tasks. They were rewarding 200 users with ShardStarter Genesis NFT.

11. Hypermove Games

Hypermove offers a series of AAA games that takes gaming to a whole new level.
They achieved an outstanding participation level with 698 users, and the rewards consisted of 100 gamer enthusiast to get a Early pre-alpha launch access.

⚠️ If you are a project building on the Shardeum Ecosystem, and you would like to be a part of the next Shardeum Stars campaign then reach out to @cbs_cryptonaut on Telegram.

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