Ledger up for Grabs: AirLyft Pre-launch of the shop feature

AirLyft by Kyte.One
2 min readAug 22, 2023


AirLyft will be launching soon it’s shop feature, where users can swap Fuel for token, NFT, merchandise and many more.

Prepare for an exhilarating plunge into the dynamic realm of AirLyft! 🚀 Join our community and embark on an electrifying odyssey that holds the key to an extraordinary prize — your very own Ledger wallet!

Mint 1 NFT every week for 4 weeks and get a chance to win 3 Ledger wallets! The more you mint, the more chances to win!

Steps to participate (Week 1)

  1. Visit https://airlyft.one/community/ledgergiveaway

2. Finish all the tasks that are not marked as (Optional)

3. Once all the tasks are done, you will see one of the rewards change to Claim 1 AirLedgerW1

4. Click on that and you’ll see a window pop up to claim the NFT, CLICK on the blue button to claim, execute the transaction and claim the NFT!

5. Once you have claimed the NFT, you can see it in your metamask by importing it in the following way:

Complete tasks all 4 weeks and claim all 4 NFTs to have a chance of winning a ledger!

Campaign Week 2: https://airlyft.one/community/ledgergiveawayweek2
Campaign Week 3: https://airlyft.one/community/airlyftledgerweek3
Campaign Week 4: https://airlyft.one/community/airledgerw4

Tips to win the finale

  1. Add your email to the last task in the campaign to get updates when a new Week’s campaign is out.
  2. Make sure you come every week to collect the 4 NFTs, only those who collect ALL 4 NFTs will get a chance to enter the raffle.

Lyft Off!

For any issues, raise a support ticket in our Discord — https://discord.gg/M9wNaEY5VG



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